ML & Data Science Training

Custom training courses bring the latest ML and data science methodologies to Novetta employees, partners, and customers.


Novetta has developed a series of video lectures and in-person courses led by subject matter experts. The course material spans underlying fundamentals to cutting-edge developments, are conducted for groups of ten to fifty individuals, and range from four to eight hours of instruction.

To sign up for a course, please submit this form. 



Advanced Natural Language Processing with AdaptNLP

Simplify the training and deployment of advanced models and methods used in natural language processing (NLP) while still maintaining high levels of customization.


GPU Accelerated Data Science with NVIDIA RAPIDS

Run traditional data science workflows with GPUs, leading to speed improvements from 10x to more than 100x.


Deep Learning with

Abstract deep learning models for quick and easy use.


Price is determined per course. Novetta will contact you upon receipt of your form submission.