Capabilities for Response & Recovery



Novetta delivers scalable advanced analytic and technical solutions to address challenges of national and global significance.


  • C4ISR multi-INT fusion and media analysis capabilities

  • Exploitation technology to support sensitive customer missions

  • Capabilities in support of developing a common operating picture across platforms, sensors, systems, and media

  • Advanced full-spectrum cyber capabilities

  • Systems engineering to support the fusion of intelligence and operations for the modern battlefield

  • Interdisciplinary team of engineers and analysts specializing in cloud engineering, IT modernization, and analytic services

Helping Agencies Combat COVID-19

Novetta Mission Analytics (NMA) is being used to monitor continent-wide public sentiment of non-pharmaceutical interventions (self-isolation, social distancing, handwashing, business closures, etc.) and detect misinformation / rumors for COVID-19 in support of policy-making decisions for the Africa Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Analysts use NMA to derive real-time pattern and behavioral analysis by collating open source content from traditional media (web-based and broadcast) and social media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp) and enriching the data with machine learning and human-in-the-loop processes. On May 7, 2020, the Africa CDC command center disseminated this analysis to Regional Collaborating Centers (RCCs) to advise key stakeholders in developing effective strategies and policies for combating the rapidly growing COVID-19 outbreak.

NMA is actively combating disinformation

  • Tracking sentiment and public response to government protocols for non-pharmaceutical interventions such as social distancing and hand washing.
  • Identifying and analyzing misinformation and rumors surrounding COVID-19 outbreaks, government policies, and treatments in 10 major countries globally as well as across Africa.
  • Providing macro-level narrative analysis of U.S. domestic media content and COVID-19 for developments of national-level significance.

COVID-19 Medical Common Operating Picture (MEDCOP)

COVID-19 MEDCOP is the Medical Community of Interest’s operational platform for the best scientific information available to improve patient health and reduce the risk of illness and injury. It is a robust medical mission command management tool that creates a collaborative environment for an improved patient outcome. COVID-19 MEDCOP is an enterprise, operational and tactical web services architecture that connects garrison and deployed medical professionals to increase patient adherence and promote quality of care. COVID-19 MEDCOP is a fully accredited solution that scales for all operational medical environments (maritime, air, ground). It also provides Combatant Commands (CCMDs) and medical leadership first-line medical unit readiness (beds, equipment, supplies, personnel) and shares information globally in real time.



  • Efficient and effective joint and coalition medical mission management
  • Real-time medical operational readiness information sharing
  • Data synchronization across multiple SIPRNet enclaves and NIPRNet
  • Facilitates global crisis response interoperability
  • Scales at all levels with the same functions and features
  • Interoperable with the U.S. Army, CCMDs, and other services staff, ops, and intel systems




Operating at the Vanguard of Disaster Response

During disaster response, knowing the location of personnel, vehicles, and equipment is critical to maintaining high safety standards and maximizing the effectiveness of first responders. Responding organizations often lack interoperability with local, state, and federal command centers, as well as with each other. Novetta works closely with the AWS Snowball and AWS Disaster Response teams to integrate Ageon ISR, Novetta’s C4ISR solution, with emerging IoT and machine learning capabilities at the edge. To establish consistent and cost-effective communications, we use commodity IoT GPS sensors, edge computing, and machine learning to provide a state-of-the-art common operating picture in the field. Our solution leverages GPS sensors that communicate over an emerging digital “long-range, low power” RF network called LoRaWAN. Location information streams from each sensor into Ageon ISR running on an AWS Snowball Edge, empowering disaster relief teams with reliable location tracking throughout the most critical moments of a disaster response.

Novetta's IoT tracking and C4ISR solution

  • Augments traditional AIS sensor data with LoRaWAN GPS sensors across federal, state, and local agencies
  • Establishes a common operating picture at the edge for Incident Command Centers
  • Integrates body camera feeds and other surveillance video feeds identified in the field



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